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Contact Lens Exams in Fort Worth

Get Comfortable Contacts - Visit Us in Fort Worth, TX for a contact lens exam and fitting.

Visit our contact lens experts today for a comprehensive exam and personalized fitting. Experience clear and comfortable vision with our tailored contact lens exams.

Our dedicated team ensures optimal eye health and precise vision correction for your unique needs. Schedule your contact lens exam now and see the difference!

Our Contact Lens Exams at Dr. Ellis R. Jones and Associates

During a contact lens exam, our optometrist will first conduct a thorough eye health evaluation and measure your corneal curvature using advanced technology. This step ensures the lenses fit your eyes perfectly, providing both comfort and optimal vision correction.

You’ll also try different types of contact lenses to find the most comfortable and effective option. Our team will guide you on proper lens care, insertion, and removal techniques, ensuring you feel confident handling your new lenses.

Follow-Up Eye Appointment

After your appointment, we schedule follow-up visits to monitor your adaptation and address any issues.

These visits allow us to make necessary adjustments, ensuring continued comfort and optimal vision. Regular follow-ups help maintain your eye health and ensure you get the best out of your contact lenses.

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