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Located at The Shops at Legacy in Plano

Patient-Centered Eye Care Services in Fort Worth

At Dr. Ellis R. Jones and Associates, we believe in providing the best service at the best price. Our award-winning eye care clinic offers a wide variety of eye care services for the whole family.

Read more below about some of our most popular services.

  • optometrist, young woman taking her comprehensive eye exams in Fort Worth, TX
    Maintain optimal eye health with our comprehensive eye exams. Detect and address vision issues early with our thorough and personalized evaluations.
  • eye care, Little girl checking her vision in doctors office in Fort Worth, TX
    Ensure your child's vision and eye health with our specialized pediatric eye exams. Early detection and treatment are key for long-term visual development.
  • optometrist, Female optician examining senior womans eye in Fort Worth, TX
    Expert management for ocular diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Preserve your vision and eye health with our advanced diagnostic and treatment options.
  • eye care, frequently asked question about glasses in Fort Worth, TX
    Are you employed by Wal-Mart? Frequently Asked Patient Questions Answered By Our Fort Worth Optometrist