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Dr. Ellis R. Jones and Associates:
Award-Winning Eye Care and Eye Exams


Maintain optimal eye health with our comprehensive eye exams. Detect and address vision issues early with our thorough and personalized evaluations.


Our eye care professionals want to provide comfortable and clear vision with our personalized contact lens fittings. Explore a wide range of options tailored to your unique vision needs and lifestyle.


Expert management for ocular diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Preserve your vision and eye health with our advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

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Merits And Awards

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Our Eye Care Services

Comprehensive eye exam on female patient

Contact lens exams ensure the proper fit and prescription for your lenses, prioritizing comfort and eye health. These specialized exams evaluate your vision needs and eye condition to provide personalized contact lens recommendations.

Pediatric eye exam

Ensure your child's vision and eye health with our specialized pediatric eye exams. Early detection and treatment are key for long-term visual development.

Eye disease treatment

Our comprehensive eye care services cater to all your vision needs. From routine eye exams to advanced treatments, our experienced team provides personalized care to maintain and improve your eye health. Trust us for expert eye care that prioritizes your vision and overall well-being.

Contact lens eye exam on male patient

Experience the benefits of Gas Permeable (GP) lenses, designed for comfort and superior vision. These durable, oxygen-permeable lenses reduce the risk of eye infections and provide clearer, more stable vision.


Latest News from Dr. Ellis R. Jones and Associates

Dr. Ellis R. Jones and Associates is a bustling, vibrant practice. Stay up to date with our news section (and of course, be sure to follow us on social media)!

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